Fax Facts & Faxing Online - Infographic

Fax Facts & Faxing Online - Infographic

Believe it or not, the world still uses faxes so much. This is despite the wide use and popularity of emails, interactive web sites, mobile devices and alternatives to fax messages, such as cloud based file transmition solutions

Did you know?

  • Estimates by analysts suggest that there are almost 100 billion faxes sent each year worldwide.
  • Worldwide there are over 100 million fax devices in use today.
  • More than 15 million fax machines are still in use across the United States.
  • 72% of small business office workers in the US and 60% in UK say that they still send paper faxes in some form
  • Japan has more than 93 faxes per 100 people in the country.

How Come Fax Isn't Dead?

  1. Global Coverage and Acceptance - Even well into the Internet age, sending and receiving documents via fax is recognized as essential in business communications worldwide. Although Internet-based alternatives do exist, none have managed to completely render the fax machine obsolete.
  2. Assured Delivery - Unlike with email and mobile text messaging, with faxes the receiving fax machine must acknowledge that the document was received successfully. Your notification is proof that your document has been successfully delivered to the recipient. The received paper is also printed as a physical copy.
  3. Fax is considered as a secure means of transmission - The fax confirmation page (sometimes called the Transmission Verification Report) can act as legal proof that the recipient actually received the fax. That might come handy, for instance, when you fax an invoice.
  4. Fax is considered legally binding - The result is that you can hardly open a bank account, buy a car, or submit an insurance claim without having to send a fax. In some countries like Canada and Germany, they still require signed documents for stock trades, change of address, and other relatively mundane tasks.

So we still need fax, however:

  • Owning a fax machine can cost from $200 to over $500+ a year. (telephone line + ink + paper + machine cost + call charges)
  • Local Shops charge from $0.50 to over $2.00+ per page.
  • There may not always be a local shop near you when you need to send a fax.

The Answer: Internet Faxing

Fax has evolved in the past several years, now we can do it online. With online faxing, you no longer need to own and maintain a fax machine or pay for a local fax service. In fact, it is now a fast growing industry:

Internet Faxing

Fax.to VS Subscription based online faxing service

By subscribing to an Internet faxing service, you should still pay monthly subscription fees to the service provider. Whether the businesses actually use their online fax or not, they will still have to pay for the monthly subscription. It is an unavoidable cost for the business but still more cost effective than the classic fax.

Fax.to is an Internet faxing service on pay as you go basis. No commitments, no outrageous fees. You can send international faxes to 100+ countries for as low as 0.09 per page, depending on your destination country.

With Fax.to, you can send faxes online on any device from all over the world in 4 simple steps. Just:

  • Just Select Destination
  • Upload Pdf
  • Get quote
  • Pay and send.
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