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This is actually very easy. Go on our homepage, select your country destination from the dropdown. Then fill in the number of your recipient in that country and upload your .PDF, the QUOTE field will update automatically with the cost to send your fax.

To start with your account you have to purchase pre-paid credits or pay for a one time fax.
One time faxes cost your Quoted price of $4.21, whichever is higher. For a pay as you go client the minimum deposit is $10.56 but you only pay what the system quotes each time for a fax and there is no handling fee on topup. The credit expires 12 months after purchase if unused. It can provide great savings for frequent users.
You can opt to use our fax.to/email subscription that has inclusive credit if you are a frequent sender and also keep a fax number.

We currently support the countries available on our dropdown list in the homepage. This list will be enriched as more countries are added. If you need a specific country feel free to mail us at inquiries@fax.to

Yes. In order to keep the quality of our service high we need users to verify emails before sending a fax to limit abuse and spam occurences.

Feel free to use the contact form or shoot us an email at inquiries@fax.to

Yes 100%. We do offer refunds if we fail to provide our services to you. That means If you deposited funds and your fax failed you are eligible for a refund if you desire so. If we can not fax to your desired destination or their alternative numbers then you are eligible for a full refund provided the fax attempt failed and you followed the guidance of our support department to make it work.

After deposits are made and part or whole of the balance is consumed then no refunds are allowed but credit is non-expirable and you can use it any time to send faxes.

Fax-to-email and fax business numbers to receive fax anytime-anywhere are available at $10.55 per month in 45 countries. The number includes unlimited fax receive per month and a $10.55 pay as you go sending credit. If paid annually the price is 20% lower.

Yes, we have a web-to-fax broadcast service. Please visit www.faxbroadcasting.org and apply for an account.

Yes, we have a RESTful API where you can submit your faxes programmatically from within your application. Visit our Fax API (https://fax.to/fax-api/v2) page and apply for an API key

Yes of course it works!
If you use our service your fax will be transmitted and be printed out normally on receivers fax machine or appear to their fax-to-email service.

You will receive a fax send confirmation on your email address. You will also be able to also see your fax statuses in your fax history.

Some fax attempts do fail. Fax is essentially a call to the number, some times numbers are busy or the lines are of low quality.
So if your fax fails you will not pay for it and any charged amount will be returned to your balance. We only charge for 100% successful sends.

We accept Credit Cards and Paypal at the moment.

Your files are transmitted through a SSL - Secure Socket Protocol. Your credit card details are not stored by us and payments are handled by Braintree which is a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. All employees that work with us are pre-authorized and sign legal documentation before working for us. Lastly we want you to know that we handle your private documents the way we want our private documents to be handled. Secure and confidential.

There is no reference to our service. However we will be sending our faxes from the following numbers +16463965112 and/or +442035143390. We will periodically change or add more numbers there. We can always customise this based on your individual needs.

To cancel your fax to email subscription please visit My Account >> My Numbers and click the cancel button next to the number you wish to cancel. Please note that subscription cancelling is done from within your account and because of that we do not process cancellation requests through email or phone.

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